By virtue of the Municipal Resolution No. 06, of the Sanguniang Bayan of Borongan in April 1980, the Borongan Water District was created to provide safe, sufficient and potable water to the entire Municipality.  A conditional Certificate of Conformance No. 116 was awarded by the Local Water Utilities Administration on May 26, 1980 and the District acquired it ownership and management of the system in accordance with Presidential Decree 198 known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973.  This national policy favors the local operation and control of water systems, authorizing the formation of local water districts and providing for the government and administration of such water districts, chartering a national administration to facilitate improvement of local water utilities; granting said administration such powers as are necessary to optimize public service from water utility operations, and for other purposes.

Service Area Coverage

Borongan is composed of 61 barangays   29 barangays  within the urban area of Borongan City and barangays along the national road are served by Borongan Water District. (Can-abong, Bato, Alang-alang, Taboc, Brgy. A, B, C, D1, D2, E, F, G, H, Campesao, Balud 1  and 2, Songco, Sabang South, Sabang North, Pepilitan, Hindang, Libuton, Maypangdan, Tabunan, Tamos, Sta. Fe, San Saturnino, Bugas)  Two are island barangays, the rest are upland, and coastal barangays.  BWD is currently serving 48% of the total service area.

The District is non – profit oriented, and receives no subsidy from the government.  The operation and maintenance expenses is sustained through the payments made by the concessionaires from monthly water bills and installation charges and fees.

The District is currently managed by its OIC General Manager Engr. Jun A. Bajado. The Finance Department is headed by Rhodina C. Terado CPA,

The policy making body is composed of five directors representing different sectors.  The Chairwoman, is Gracia Q. Anacta, (Women Sector); Secretary, Aileen V. Candido, (Education Sector); Treasurer, Dra. Andresita Y. Cuña (Professional Sector); Clotilde M. Dulfo, (Civic Sector), and Ma. LIlane P. Casillano, (Business Sector).